Overview of Angular DateTimePicker

6 Jun 20231 minute to read

The DateTimePicker component is used to input the date and time values with a specific format. The DateTimePicker control combines the DatePicker and TimePicker controls so that you can select the date and time with desired format.
DateTimePicker can be used seamlessly Angular framework and provides one way and two way binding with Angular framework.

Key Features

  • DateTime format: Supports all valid date and time formats.
  • Localization: Supports localization to different cultures.
  • Persist: Supports state maintenance during page refresh.
  • RTL: Supports Right to Left alignment of content in the DateTimePicker control.
  • Themes: Essential JavaScript controls consist of 17 built-in themes (6 – flat and 6 – gradient effects), and also support custom skin options to set user-defined themes.
  • Responsive and Touch support: Fits in all range of devices and supports touch devices
  • Model binding: Supports both One-way and two-way binding of model values with the view template.


As the DateTimePicker inherits the functionalities of the DatePicker and TimePicker controls, it supports the basic functionalities of both the controls.