Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms Release Notes

July 27, 2021


Bug fixes

  • #FB26840 - [UWP] Now, the Background color is applied properly when setting the color value at run time.


Bug fixes

  • #I334006 - [iOS] Now the suggestion items are refreshing properly when changing the data source.


Bug fixes

  • #I336795 - [macOS] Now, the System.ObjectDisposedException will no longer be thrown when using the TrackballLabelTemplate.
  • #I335978 - [Android, UWP] The chart is now properly updating inside the ScrollView when scrolling and dynamically adding new data points.
  • #I335529 - [macOS] The ViewAnnotation is now shown properly when adding dynamically.


Bug fixes

  • #I335386 - [iOS] Now, the Delete and Space keys are working properly for GridComboBoxColumn.
  • #I333625 - [Android] The System.NullReferenceException is no longer thrown when clicking on another cell after editing the GridNumericColumn cell.


Bug Fixes

  • #FB26790 - Option button check state is now updated properly for different linked cell.
  • #FB26791 - XmlException thrown while setting value in option button linked cell is now resolved.
  • Bangladesh and Khmer accounting number formats are now rendered properly in Excel to PDF conversion.