Populating Data

8 May 20191 minute to read

SfRotator control supports binding to different data sources such as IList Data Source, Observable Collection Data Source.


SfRotator items can be populated with a collection of image data. For example, a user may want to create a SfRotator control which will display a sequence of images.

NSMutableArray<SFRotatorItem> rotatorItems = new NSMutableArray<SFRotatorItem>();

    for (int i = 1; i < 5; i++)
        SFRotatorItem item = new SFRotatorItem();

        UIView customView = new UIView();
        UIImageView image = new UIImageView();
        image.Image = UIImage.FromFile("movie" + i.ToString() + ".png");
        item.View = image;
    rotator.DataSource = rotatorItems;


RotatorItems consisting of two properties View and ItemText using this user can set content for SFRotator.