Event Xamarin.iOS RadioButton (SfRadioButton)

14 Apr 20201 minute to read

StateChanged event

Occurs when the value(state) of the IsChecked property is changed by either touching the radio button or setting the value to the IsChecked property using the C# code. The event arguments are of type StateChangedEventArgs and expose the following property.

  • IsChecked: The new value(state) of the IsChecked property.
SfRadioGroup radioGroup = new SfRadioGroup();
SfRadioButton check = new SfRadioButton();
check.SetTitle("Checked State",UIControlState.Normal);
check.IsChecked = true;
check.StateChanged += RadioButton_StateChanged;
SfRadioButton uncheck = new SfRadioButton();
uncheck.SetTitle("Unchecked State",UIControlState.Normal);
uncheck.StateChanged += RadioButton_StateChanged;

private void RadioButton_StateChanged(object sender, StateChangedEventArgs e)
    if (e.IsChecked.HasValue && e.IsChecked.Value)
        (sender as SfRadioButton).SetTitle("Checked State",UIControlState.Normal);
    else if (e.IsChecked.HasValue && !e.IsChecked.Value)
       (sender as SfRadioButton).SetTitle("Unchecked State",UIControlState.Normal);

Xamarin.iOS SfRadioButton selection changes from checked to unchecked
Xamarin.iOS SfRadioButton selection changes from unchecked to checked