Looping support in SfPicker

5 Jun 20201 minute to read

This section will explain about the Looping support in SfPicker control.


The looping support is used to automatically navigate the first item to repeat the list of items after reached the last item. Each forward iteration is followed by a backward iteration in the picker control. This can be achieved by EnableLooping property.

picker.EnableLooping = true;

How to restrict Looping in a particular column of the picker

The looping support can be restricted in a particular column of the picker by setting the EnableLooping of ColumnLoaded event argument to false.

private void Picker_OnColumnLoaded(object sender, ColumnLoadedEventArgs e)
    if (e.Column == 0)
        e.EnableLooping = true;
        e.EnableLooping = false;

You can find the sample from the following link.