Essential Studio for Xamarin.iOS Release Notes

January 21, 2020


Bug Fixes

  • #I259181 - The background of form fields will no longer be transparent.
  • #I259394 - Signature will now be displayed properly when the PDF is saved and reloaded.
  • #I256567 - The compilation error due to UIKit.UIUserInterfaceStyle reference will no longer occur.


Bug Fixes

  • #255781 - Excel file is no longer corrupted when re-saving the document with extension list.
  • #257358 - Issue with applying tabular row layout to pivot fields layout is fixed.
  • #256286 - Chart axis line and label are now rendered separately in chart to image conversion.
  • #F149617 - Vertical page break for Arial font is now correct in Excel to PDF conversion.
  • Excel file having conditional format with negative priority is now properly converted to PDF.
  • Shrink to fit is now working for numbers in Excel to PDF conversion.