Essential Studio for Xamarin.iOS Release Notes

October 22, 2019


Bug fixes

  • #I250508 - [iOS] Now, the BackgroundColor is applied properly for the tooltip when applying gradient color for series.


Bug Fixes

  • #250240, #I251801, #251948, #148002, #148145 - System version conversion crash has been fixed in SfComboBox.


Bug Fixes

  • #247428 - Object must implement IConvertible exception has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #250058 - Table query fields are now updated properly when table range has more columns.
  • #251122 - Exception is no longer be thrown on while invoking AutoFitColumn for empty worksheet.
  • #249565 - Exception is no longer thrown while delete and creating a table with same name.
  • #250189 - Pivot table will be properly preserved in Excel to PDF conversion.
  • #249466 - Autofit row height will be proper for “Arial” fonts.
  • #249233 - AutofitColumns is now proper for wrap text applied cells.

AutoShape and textBox is preserved properly while resaving the Excel document and converting the same to Pdf.
Font name, size and color of chart elements are no longer changed while cloning the workbook.