Essential Studio for Xamarin.iOS Release Notes

April 5, 2016


Bug Fixes

  • #150648 - DidValueChanged() method not getting fired when selecting an new item issue has been fixed.

SfCarousel Preview

The SfCarousel control allows navigating through images in an interactive way so that they can be viewed or selected. Item arrangement and animation speed can be fully customized in the UI.

Key Features

  • Easy way to customize its item arrangement using API



  • Now chart supports series animation.

  • New Radar & Polar chart have been added.

  • EdgeLabelsVisibilityMode property has been added to control the visibility of edge labels in axis.

Breaking changes

  • Default chart axis label margin has been changed from UIEdgeInsetsMake(3, 3, 3, 3) to UIEdgeInsetsMake(1, 1, 1, 1).

Bug fixes

  • #123482 - DataMarkerPosition is working properly for BarSeries now.



  • #149759 - Support for swiping grid rows has been provided.
  • Support for loading template in header cells has been provided
  • Extensibility to apply multiple selection color for the selected rows has been provided.
  • Support for animating the selected row has been provided.
  • Support for LongPress event has been provided.
  • Support to select a row while clicking the row header has been provided.


Bug Fixes

  • #152728 - Application crash issue while changing Culture settings has been fixed.

SfNumericUpDown Preview

The SfNumericUpDown control provides up and down repeat buttons to increase and decrease values. The control respects UI culture and can be configured to display different formats like currency, scientific, etc.

Key Features

  • Number Formatting
  • Watermark
  • Globalization


Bug Fixes

  • #152923, #152786 - Value property binding problem has been fixed.

SfRotator Preview

The SfRotator control allows interactive navigation through images to view or select them. It provides various navigation options like swiping, autoplay, and tapping preview thumbnails or dots.

Key Features

  • Dots and Thumbnail navigation modes.
  • Various navigation strip positions.
  • AutoPlay and items looping support.

SfSchedule Preview

Bug Fixes

  • #150300 - Now, ScheduleCellTapped event is working in month view.
  • #150300 - Now, ScheduleCellTapped event is working when tapped on AllDay appointment.