Root lines for Items in TreeViewAdv in WPF TreeView (TreeViewAdv)

The TreeViewAdv displays root lines, which link the nodes of a tree structure. These TreeViewAdv root lines are displayed or hidden by using the ShowRootLines property of the class TreeViewAdv. To set this property, use the below code

<!-- Adding TreeViewAdv With show root lines -->
<syncfusion:TreeViewAdv Name="treeViewAdv" ShowRootLines="False">
<!-- Adding TreeViewItemAdv -->
<syncfusion:TreeViewItemAdv Header="Marital Status">
<syncfusion:TreeViewItemAdv Header="Single"/>
<syncfusion:TreeViewItemAdv Header="Married"/>
<syncfusion:TreeViewItemAdv Header="Married with Children"/>
<syncfusion:TreeViewItemAdv Header="Baby Vaccines">
<syncfusion:TreeViewItemAdv Header="Hepatitis B"/>
<syncfusion:TreeViewItemAdv Header="Tetanus"/>
<syncfusion:TreeViewItemAdv Header="Polio"/>
<syncfusion:TreeViewItemAdv Header="Measles"/>
<syncfusion:TreeViewItemAdv Header="Country Information"/>
// Show root lines
treeViewAdv.ShowRootLines = false;
' Show root lines
treeViewAdv.ShowRootLines = False