Watermark in WPF TimeSpan Editor (TimeSpanEdit)

Set null value

AllowNull property can be used to set the TimeSpanEdit value to Null. When this property is enabled along with the Value property whose value is Null, then the TimeSpanEdit control will not display any value.

<syncfusion:TimeSpanEdit Value="10.2:25:52" Width="150" Height="50" AllowNull="True"/>

Applied null value text in WPF TimeSpanEdit

Show Watermark on null value

When the AllowNull property is enabled. We can use Watermark to show the text in the TimeSpanEdit control by using NullString when the value is null.

<syncfusion:TimeSpanEdit Value="10.2:25:52" Width="150" Height="50" AllowNull="True" Nullstring="Syncfusion.."/>

Watermark in TimeSpanEdit