SelectedItem in WPF Tile View

SelectedItem is a property in the TileViewControl that stores the currently selected TileViewItem in it and it is similar to SelectedItem property in ComboBox. This will help you to return the currently selected TileViewItem. Also it allows only one item to be selected at a time.

Use Case Scenarios

This feature will be very useful who you want to get the SelectedItem.

Adding SelectedItem to an Application

<syncfusion:TileViewControl x:Name="TileView" Height="600" Width="800">

      <syncfusion:TileViewItem x:Name="Tile1" Header="TileViewItem 1" />

      <syncfusion:TileViewItem x:Name="Tile2" Header="TileViewItem 2" />

      <syncfusion:TileViewItem x:Name="Tile3" Header="TileViewItem 3" />

      <syncfusion:TileViewItem x:Name="Tile4" Header="TileViewItem 4" /> 

this.TileView.SelectedItem = Tile1;


SelectedItem Event Table

Event Description Arguments Type Reference links
SelectedItemChanged This event gets fired when the Selected TileViewItem is changed.

To view samples:

  1. Select Start -> Programs -> Syncfusion -> Essential Studio XX.X.X.XX -> Dashboard.
  2. Select Run Locally Installed Samples in WPF Button.
  3. Now expand the DragAndDropManagerDemo tree-view item in the Sample Browser.
  4. Choose any one of the samples listed under it to launch.