7 Apr 2021 / 1 minute to read

The SfSkinManager helps to apply various keyboard focus visual styles for both syncfusion and framework controls using FocusVisualKind property which will be available only in 13 themes supported from theme studio.

The FocusVisualKind enum has below values,

  • Default - The default keyboard focus visual style will be applied.
  • HighVisibility - Reveal focus aka High visibility keyboard visual feedback is an effect that shows a border for focusable elements when user moves keyboard focus to that element.


The HighVisibility scrollbar mode is enabled by default in fluent theme.

WPF SfSkinManager FocusVisualKind

Change focus visual style

The keyboard focus visual style can be changed using FocusVisualKind property available in Themes class.

public partial class MainWindow : ChromelessWindow
    public MainWindow()
        SfSkinManager.SetTheme(this, new Theme() { ThemeName = "MaterialDark", FocusVisualKind = FocusVisualKind.HighVisibility });


View sample in GitHub.