Changing the flow directions

27 May 20211 minute to read

The flow direction for the TaskBar is set through the FlowDirection property.

FlowDirection property table

</tr> </table> Here is the code for setting this property.
<!-- Adding TaskBar  -->

<syncfusion:TaskBar Name="taskBar" FlowDirection="RightToLeft">

    <!-- Adding TaskBarItem -->

    <syncfusion:TaskBarItem Name="taskBarItem1" Header="TaskBarItem1">

        <!-- Adding content to TaskBarItem -->

        <StackPanel Margin="10" HorizontalAlignment="Center" 											VerticalAlignment="Stretch">

            <TextBlock TextWrapping="Wrap">

This is TaskBar that have a TaskBarItem</TextBlock>



// Setting flow direction as right to left

taskBar.FlowDirection = FlowDirection.RightToLeft;
![Changing-the-flow-directions_images1](Changing-the-flow-directions_images/Changing-the-flow-directions_img1.jpeg) FlowDirection = "RightToLeft"
Property Description
FlowDirection Sets the flow direction for the TaskBar. The options provided are as follows.LeftToRightRightToLeft