Restricting Tab Item Closing

The closure of TabItem can now be restricted by setting e.Cancel to true in OnCloseButtonClick delegate. ā€œeā€ represents the event argument CloseTabEventArgs for OnCloseButtonClick event. The default value of e.Cancel is false.

The following code illustrates the same.

<syncfusion:TabControlExt OnCloseButtonClick="TabControlExt_OnCloseButtonClick">

            <syncfusion:TabItemExt Header="Tab1"/>
            <syncfusion:TabItemExt Header="Tab2"/>
            <syncfusion:TabItemExt Header="Tab3"/>
private void TabControlExt_OnCloseButtonClick(object sender, CloseTabEventArgs e)

            if (e.TargetTabItem.Header.ToString() == "Tab1")
                e.Cancel = true;