WPF TextBoxExt (AutoComplete) (SfTextBoxExt (AutoComplete)) Overview

TextBoxExt is an extended version of TextBox control. Most of the functionality of TextBoxExt is inherited from the SfTextBox class.

TextBoxExt - Overview

Key Features

  • Auto Complete mode – The control provides suggestions to end users based on a predefined collection while typing.
  • Watermark – The control will prompt the users with some information when it is not in focus and contains an empty string.
  • Suggestion modes - Suggestions can be filtered in 9 different modes, like StartsWith, EndWith, Contains, Equals, Custom etc. AutoComplete provides both case sensitive and insensitive modes.
  • Popup delay & Minimum prefix characters - Filtering process can be delayed by providing the minimum character count, after which AutoComplete starts giving suggestions. Displaying the filtered suggestions through drop down list can also be delayed for some time duration.
  • Customization support - AutoComplete provide options to customize both the Entry and Suggestion drop down.
  • Custom filter - AutoComplete provides the user to filter the item in the Suggestion list based on their filtering condition.