Commands in WPF Schedule

Operations that are done by context menu can be performed using Schedule commands. The following actions of context menu can be handled by executing schedule commands in the application.

  • Adding new appointment
  • Editing appointment
  • Deleting appointment
  • Copying appointment
  • Pasting appointment
  • Drag and drop appointment


Using AddNewCommand of ScheduleCommands, a new appointment can be added in SfSchedule.

  • c#
  • ScheduleCommands.AddNewCommand.Execute(this.Schedule);


    Using EditCommand of ScheduleCommands, an existing appointment of SfSchedule can be modified.

  • c#
  • ScheduleCommands.EditCommand.Execute(this.Schedule);


    DeleteCommand can be used to delete an appointment in SfSchedule.

  • c#
  • ScheduleCommands.DeleteCommand.Execute(this.Schedule);


    Using CopyCommand of ScheduleCommands, a schedule appointment can be copied.

  • c#
  • ScheduleCommands.CopyCommand.Execute(this.Schedule);


    Using PasteCommand of ScheduleCommands, a copied schedule appointment can be pasted in SfSchedule.

  • c#
  • ScheduleCommands.PasteCommand.Execute(this.Schedule);


    Using DragAndDropCommand of ScheduleCommands, an appointment can be dragged and dropped from one timeslot to another timeslot. Resizing operation can also be performed using this command.

  • c#
  • ScheduleCommands.DragAndDropCommand.Execute(this.Schedule);