Ticks in WPF Radial Slider (SfRadialSlider)

Ticks are placed along the round track in a uniform manner. The position of tick marks can be customized.

Tick Frequency

The TickFrequency property is used to define the number of ticks along the track, based on Minimum and Maximum values.

  • xaml
  • <syncfusion:SfRadialSlider Minimum="0" Maximum="100"  
    TickFrequency="5" />

    Ticks frequency

    Sweep direction

    You can use the SweepDirection property in SfRadialSlider for changing the direction of slider value arrangement. The SweepDirection property contains the following values:

    • Clockwise
    • Counterclockwise
    // For clockwise direction
                this.radialSlider1.SweepDirection = SweepDirection.Clockwise;
                // For anti-clockwise direction
                this.radialSlider1.SweepDirection = SweepDirection.Counterclockwise;
    Me.radialSlider1.SweepDirection = SweepDirection.Clockwise
                 Me.radialSlider1.SweepDirection = SweepDirection.Counterclockwise