Visual Style in WPF Gantt

6 May 20211 minute to read

Essential Gantt enables you to customize the appearance of the control. This supports the following themes:

  • Office2010Blue
  • Office2010Black
  • Office2010Silver
  • Metro


Property Description Type Data Type Reference links
VisualStyle Gets or set the VisualStyle Property of Gantt control. Dependency Property Enum.VisualStyle.Office2010BlueVisualStyle.Office2010BlackVisualStyle.Office2010SilverVisualStyle.Metro NA

Adding VisualStyle to Gantt Control

You can customize the theme using the VisualStyle property.

The following code illustrates how to set the VisualStyle of Gantt control:

<Sync:GanttControl x:Name="Gantt" VisualStyle="Office2010Blue"/>
Gantt.VisualStyle = VisualStyle.Office2010Blue;

The following shows Office 2010 Blue:


Office 2010 Blue

The following image shows Office 2010 silver:


Office 2010Silver

The following image shows Office 2010Silver:



The following image shows Office 2010Metro:



To view samples:

  1. Go to the Syncfusion Essential Studio installed location.
    Location: Installed Location\Syncfusion\Essential Studio\21.1.35\Infrastructure\Launcher\Syncfusion Control Panel
  2. Open the Syncfusion Control Panel in the above location (or) Double click on the Syncfusion Control Panel desktop shortcut menu.
  3. Click Run Samples for WPF under User Interface Edition panel.
  4. Select Gantt.
  5. Expand the Styles item in the Sample Browser.
  6. Choose the Gantt Visual Style sample to launch.