Expanded Mode in WPF Color Picker Palette

Expanded Mode allows you to pick colors from the ColorPickerPalette. By setting IsExpanded Property to True, the ColorPickerPalette control can be hosted in Expanded Mode. By default, this mode is set to False.

Use Case Scenarios

Expanded Mode can be used when you want to have the ColorPickerPalette without drop down.

Adding Expanded Mode to an Application

Expanded Mode can be added to an application by using XAML or C# code.

The following code example illustrates how to add the Expanded Mode to an application.

<sync:ColorPickerPalette IsExpanded="True"/>
ColorPickerPalette colorpicker = new ColorPickerPalette();
 colorpicker.IsExpanded = true;
ColorPickerPalette colorpicker = new ColorPickerPalette()
 colorpicker.IsExpanded = true


Property Description Type Data Type
IsExpanded Enables or disables the Expanded Mode property of ColorPickerPalette DependencyProperty False

To view samples:

  1. Select Start -> Programs -> Syncfusion -> Essential Studio xx.x.x.xx -> Dashboard.
  2. Select Run Locally Installed Samples in WPF Button.
  3. Now Search ColorPickerPalette sample and launch it.