Selection Range in WPF Calendar (CalendarEdit)

You can set the selection range mode for CalendarEdit control in two different ways, using the SelectionRangeMode property. They are as follows.

  • CurrentMonth: selects only days, belonging to the current month from the column
  • WholeColumn: selects the whole column

For setting the selection range mode, use the following code.

<!-- Adding CalendarEdit with selection range mode -->
<syncfusion:CalendarEdit Name="calendarEdit" SelectionRangeMode="WholeColumn"/>
//Creating an instance of CalendarEdit control
CalendarEdit calendarEdit = new CalendarEdit();

//Sets selection range mode as whole column
calendarEdit.SelectionRangeMode = SelectionRangeMode.WholeColumn;  

//Adding CalendarEdit as window content
this.Content = calendarEdit;

Block particular dates

You can restrict the user to select the dates within some range by blocking the particular dates in the CalendarEdit. You can also block the more date ranges by adding that date ranges into the BlackoutDates collection.

<syncfusion:CalendarEdit x:Name="calendarEdit">
        <syncfusion:BlackoutDatesRange StartDate="1/01/2020" EndDate="1/10/2020"/>
        <syncfusion:BlackoutDatesRange StartDate="5/01/2020" EndDate="{x:Static system:DateTime.Today}"/>

Block particular dates in WPF CalendarEdit


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