Essential Studio for WinRT Release Notes

November 18, 2016


Bug Fixes

  • #158424 - Index was outside the bounds of the array exception is no longer thrown, while loading a PDF document.
  • #163906 - Adobe reader exception is no longer thrown, while drawing image in the PDF document.
  • #164832 - Can not find catalog information exception is no longer thrown while loading a PDF document.
  • #154150 - PdfGrid cells are now properly resized based on the row span.
  • #164859 - Application will never get hang while generating the PDF document in multi thread environment using PdfTrueTypeFont.
  • #165358 - NullReferenceException is no longer thrown while accessing file name in PdfLoadedFileLinkAnnotation.
  • #163307 - Layer value is now preserved properly while retrieving from the PDF loaded document.
  • #163309 - Font value is now preserved properly in the PDF loaded document.
  • #161409 - Form fields value are now preserved properly in extended feature enabled document.
  • #165258 - Size of the PDF document pages now preserving correctly when loading the PDF documents.
  • #165326 - ArgumentException is no longer thrown while saving PdfLoadedDocument.
  • #164884 - No more empty layers are added while getting PDF page layers.
  • #161409 - Form fields value has been preserved properly in extended feature enabled document.
  • #165345 - Form fields value has been preserved properly while appending the text in the PDF document.

Predictive Analytics

Bug Fixes

  • #167087 - Resolved the PMML 4.2 version compatibility issues with Naive Bayes model evaluator.



  • Provided Gray scale overlay support for SfNavigationDrawer


Bug Fixes

  • #164353 - Height of the PDF viewer control is proper for small sized PDF documents.


Bug Fixes

  • #162354 – PDF export creating corrupted file when report is exported continuously issue has been fixed.

  • #165300 – Resolved bounds exception when sorting is applied to tablix report item without group rows.

  • #163637 – Now, the bottom border of tablix exports properly in PDF export.



  • #164639 - Added GripperSize property to modify the size of touch gripper (the visual element used for touch text selection).
  • #165917 - Added UseCtrlClickToFollowHyperlink property to enable/disable the CTRL key holding while clicking to open a hyperlink.

Bug Fixes

  • #127282 - Table border and cell spacing are now preserved properly on loading the particular HTML.
  • #165260 - Null reference exception is no longer thrown while loading multiple documents at a time in asynchronous mode.
  • #164588 - White space in the document will be now preserved properly while exporting HTML.
  • #165910 - Unicode characters are now parsed properly on loading text document.
  • #127282 - Table border is now rendered properly for the table with cell spacing.
  • #165260 - Operation canceled exception is no longer thrown while opening document in asynchronous mode.


Bug Fixes

  • #166409 - Now, Editor will open on double clicking while AllowEditing false to view the appointment details.


Bug Fixes

  • #165982 - App no longer hangs, when TimePicker Meridian cell is selected.



  • Support for advanced filter is provided.
  • Support for comment in ODS export is provided.

Breaking changes

  • The method AdvancedFilters is now added in IWorksheet interface.
  • The methods SetPreviousBaseItem and SetNextBaseItem are now added in IPivotField interface.

Bug fixes

  • #163654 - Argument out of range exception is no longer thrown when opening Excel document with shapes.
  • #163633 - Data validation and conditional formatting are properly updated in XLS format.
  • #163489 - File corruption issue while creating a document with single column sorting is resolved.
  • #163056 - Issue with improper relative hyperlink address is fixed.
  • #163490 - Issue with percent values for Top10 auto filters is fixed.
  • #165013 - Issues with cell merge and its text data while copying ranges are fixed.
  • #163802 - Issue with comment shapes while moving ranges is fixed.
  • #163473, #165498 - File is no longer corrupted while setting ShowDataFieldInRow property to true.
  • #164435 - Circular reference exception thrown while moving a cell range is resolved.
  • #164782, #159383 - Not a legal OleAut date exception thrown while converting Excel document to PDF in Greek culture is fixed.
  • #163341, #163474 - Issue with pivot filter types is fixed.
  • #161896 - Incorrect row height while merging the row with wrapped cells is fixed.
  • #154681 - Text formatting issues in chart elements like data label, title, legend and axis title are fixed.
  • #163882 - Issues with conditional formatting of CFType cell formula are fixed.
  • #165559 - Exception is no longer thrown on accessing formula values from conditional formats.
  • #163337 - Application hangs while opening Excel file with pivot table has been fixed.
  • #163560, #166624 - Formulas updation issue after inserting rows has been fixed.
  • #157952 - Issue with removal of comments while moving a range has been fixed.
  • #164858 - Exception while saving a document by deleting a row with filter, is no longer thrown.
  • #164758 - File corruption issue while re-saving in German culture has been fixed.
  • #165805 - Looping issue while opening an Excel document with absolute anchored shapes has been fixed.
  • #166878 - Null reference exception is no longer thrown while copying empty cells to new workbook.