Essential Tools for Windows Forms provides support to apply Office2007 Style for an application with its child controls. This feature enables you to easily apply uniform style for all the child controls in the application.

The Skin Manager provides support for the following themes:

  • Office 2007 Blue
  • Office 2007 Black
  • Office 2007 Silver
  • Managed

IT scenarios

When you create an application with multiple controls, you can apply uniform color for the entire form using this feature.

Properties and Methods Tables for Skin Manager


Property Table

Property Description Type Data Type Reference links
Control Specifies the parent control for which theme has to be applied NA Control NA
VisualTheme Specifies the style NA Enum NA


Methods Table

Method Description Parameters Type Return Type Reference links
SetVisualTheme(Control,VisualTheme) Specifies the parent control and theme has to be applied Overloads: 1) (Control, String) 2) (Control,VisualTheme) NA Void NA