MultiColumnTreeView is an advanced treeview control with multiple columns. This control displays the contents in the form of tree with additional columns displaying related data for the tree nodes. With its robust features, it gives a visually appealing tree structure. It supports almost all the features of the treeview control like settings images, check box and option buttons, help text capabilities, Gutter space (Space on left side of control), Indent Space(Space between parent nodes to child nodes), context-menu association, gradient backgrounds, multiple border styles and auto size etc .,
MultiColumnTreeView comes with complete design-time support. The Styles Architecture for the control lets the users to define styles for nodes at different levels of the tree and columns style for individual columns.

Components of MultiColumnTreeView

  • TreeColumnAdv
  • TreeNodeAdv
  • TreeNodeAdvSubItem
  • Custom Control

Key Features

  • Styles Architecture - Supports a flexible style architecture to let users define the styles for nodes at different levels of the Tree. It helps the users to specify the styles for a specific node or for a class of nodes.
  • Columns - Lets you add multiple columns and sub items.
  • Checkbox and Option Buttons support - Interactive check boxes that could be checked or unchecked, which will indicate the check state of the child node’s check boxes. Node can also hold option buttons.
  • Node Images - Tree nodes can hold left images, right images and images for different state of the nodes like expand and collapse.
  • Auto Size – Calculates the width of nodes and sub items and aligns the width to columns automatically.
  • Load on demand - Enhances the performance by reducing the loading time of the nodes by displaying the nodes only on demand by the user. This provides the user to delay the loading of nodes in Trees, until the user initiates the nodes to expand.
  • Customizing nodes - Allows you to edit and customize the nodes at all levels.
  • LabelEdit - property that helps users to easily edit the node text at run time.
  • Nodes selection - allows to select a single node or select all the nodes or only the specified nodes.
  • OwnerDrawNodes - property that allows user to paint the background of the node.
  • Text Color - option to customize node text color.
  • Font - option to change the node’s font.
  • Help text - can be enabled for every node in the first column. Each node can display its own information.
  • ToolTip - Allows us to show and hide tooltips for the nodes in the first column wherever necessary.
  • Custom Control - Support for custom control feature allows to add custom controls to the tree node of the first column alone.
  • Multiline Support for Nodes - TreeNodeAdv has now provided option to enable multiline text for each node by using the Multiline property which is available for individual nodes. This can be set through NodeCollection Editor and it has to be set for individual nodes.
  • Appearance - The control provides the background and foreground properties for customizing the appearance of the control.
  • Enhanced performance - MultiColumnTreeView control can be populated with large number of nodes on node expand / collapse. The performance while populating the MultiColumnTreeView with large number of nodes can be improved by the SuspendExpandRecalculate property.