The CheckBoxAdv is an advanced CheckBox control that supports themes, gradient colors, border settings and shadow text with various alignment options for both the text and checkbox. It provides options to display images and gradient backgrounds.

 Overview of CheckBoxAdv

CheckBoxAdv control can replace the CheckBox control provided in the Windows Forms. This type of control can be defined as consisting of a graphic and associated text that the user clicks to select or deselect an option. A check mark in the checkbox graphic indicates that the option is selected. In the CheckBoxAdv control, the graphic can be changed to an image that indicates a selected or deselected state.


CheckBoxAdv is an advanced CheckBox control and contains the following features.


  • CheckBoxAdv Settings

The CheckBoxAdv can be displayed in the Checked, Unchecked and Indeterminate states using the CheckState property.

Integer and String values can be associated with each state of the CheckBoxAdv.

  • Text Settings

The text of the CheckBoxAdv control can be shadowed, and the shadow color and offset can also be specified.

The text can be wrapped by setting the WrapText property to ‘True’.

  • Appearance and Behavior Settings

The focus rectangle can be made visible or hidden.

The height of the CheckBoxAdv can be automatically calculated. Its mode can be set to the ‘ReadOnlyMode’.

The Tristate property can be used to access the indeterminate state through a single click.

  • Alignment Settings

The text and checkbox of the CheckBoxAdv control can be aligned to any desired location by the user.

  • Background Settings

CheckBoxAdv can be created with custom gradient backgrounds.

  • Border Settings

2D and 3D border styles can be applied to the CheckBoxAdv. The HotBorderColor property can be used to specify the color of the FixedSingle border during mouse hover.

  • Image Settings

You can set the image for the CheckBoxAdv when it is Checked, Unchecked, Disabled or Indeterminate.

  • Themes and Visual Styles

Themes can be enabled for the CheckBoxAdv.

It provides the Office2007 Visual Style that comes in the blue, silver and black colors. The Office2007 style also supports custom colors that can be applied to the CheckBoxAdv control.

  • Data binding

You can bind the CheckBoxAdv to a datasource such as an SQL database.