Upgrading Syncfusion User Management Server

This section explains how to how to upgrade Syncfusion User Management Server to latest.

Syncfusion User Management Server can be upgraded to latest at any time manually and there are no automatic updates for Syncfusion User Management Server.

Upgrading Guidelines

Syncfusion recommends you to follow below guidelines while upgrading the User Management Server from an older version to latest version.

  • Save all the open settings and the unsaved items.
  • Ensure no one is currently working with site.
  • Inform about the maintenance time to the users.
  • For SQL, MySQL, Oracle and Postgre SQL databases, make sure you have a valid network connection to the database while upgrading to the new version.
  • Follow the installation steps from the above section Installation.

The upgrade process will retain all the resources and settings from the previous installation.

User Management Server updates the database schema of your current version to the new version.