RadialSlider Dependencies

16 Dec 20181 minute to read

The external script dependencies of the RadialSlider control are,

• jQuery 1.7.1 and later versions.

And the internal script dependencies of the RadialSlider control are:

File                          Description/Usage
[`ej.core.min.js`] Must be referred always before using all the JS controls.
[`ej.touch.min.js`] For providing touch support.
[`ej.radialslider.min.js`] This is the main source file specific for rendering RadialSlider.

To get the real appearance of the RadialSlider, the dependent CSS file ej.web.all.min.css (which includes styles of all the controls) should also needs to be referred.

Note:Uncompressed version of library files are also available which is used for development or debugging purpose and can be generated from the custom script here.