Customize shape

29 Nov 20161 minute to read

The data-ej-shape attribute is used to specify the shape of the Rating. The possible values are,

  1. Star
  2. Circle
  3. Diamond
  4. Heart
  5. Pentagon
  6. Square
  7. Triangle

The data-ej-shapeheight attribute specifies the height for the Rating shape. The data-ej-shapewidth attribute specifies the width of the Rating shape. The data-ej-spacebetweenshapes attribute specifies the space (padding) between each rating point (element).

  • HTML
  • <div id="rating_sample" data-role="ejmrating" data-ej-shape="diamond" data-ej-shapeheight=40 data-ej-shapewidth=45 data-ej-spacebetweenshapes=20>

    The following screenshot displays the output.