Essential Studio for LightSwitch (HTML Client) Release Notes

November 18, 2016


Bug Fixes

  • #166594 - Animation for line type series is now working properly for jQuery 3 and above version.
  • #165051 - Marker is now removed properly while the points in series are emptied.
  • #165243 - Radar chart is now rendering properly while enabling the marker.
  • #166453 - Zoom toolbar is now rendering properly in canvas mode.
  • #164589 - Zoom toolbar will not hide while enabling the dataLabel template.


  • Provided support for drag and drop of points in chart.
  • #160843 - Provided support for datetime category axis.
  • #162320 - Provided an option to force the range for vertical axis of column type series to start from zero.​​​ By default the range will start from zero.


Bug Fixes

  • #165319 - Background color for half-circular gauge is now applied properly.


Bug Fixes

  • #163272 - Updating old markers with new markers are working properly while refreshing map.



  • #165414 – Now, the performance of page navigation process has been improved in ReportViewer.

Bug Fixes

  • #163282 - Now, the page settings API options are working fine.
  • #163282 - Now, the page setup orientation works fine.
  • #161847 - The tooltip position is misplaced in IE8 browser issue has been fixed.
  • #161847 - The report position is misplaced, while navigating page in IE8 browser issue has been fixed.
  • #165884 – Now, the FormatNumber expression working fine with Custom Code.
  • #165213 – Now, the report parameter can be used inside the looping statement in custom code of ReportViewer.
  • #146053 – Now, the rectangle width has been updated properly when tablix placed inside the rectangle.
  • #166428 – Now, the tablix cell Hidden property works fine, when the cell model Hidden property has been set as True.
  • #166339 – Now, the chart legends are displayed properly when there is no legend title for chart report item.
  • #165213 – Resolved the exception, when we use aggregate function Count in query text.

Breaking Changes

Data extension configuration syntax has been changed for maintaining the standards as like SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).


  • xml
  • <SyncfusionDataExtension>
            <add name="SSAS" assemblyName="Syncfusion.Reporting.DataExtensions.SSAS" type="Syncfusion.Reporting.DataExtensions.SSAS.SSASDataExtension"></add>


  • xml
  • <ReportingExtensions>
            <Extension Name="SSAS" Assembly="Syncfusion.Reporting.DataExtensions.SSAS" Type="Syncfusion.Reporting.DataExtensions.SSAS.SSASDataExtension"/>

    Use Syncfusion.Reporting.Extension namespace for DataExtension class instead of Syncfusion.DataExtension.DataExtension. It has been changed for maintaining the naming standard for custom extension.


    Feature Improvement

    • Month name(in short format) is displayed on the Schedule date header, when more than one month is rendered in the horizontal custom view.

    Breaking Changes

    • #166818 - Day column in the Agenda view is localized correctly now, while switching to different cultures.



    • #165411 - Now validation can be achieved in TimePicker using validationRules and validationMessages API.