14 Sep 20181 minute to read

SubReport is a standalone report, that is embedded into another report. You can link the contents of a subreport to main report through parameters.

To add SubReport

Drag and drop the SubReport from the item panel.

Note: Header and Footer area doesn’t allow to drop the sub report report item.

You can customize the subreport border, color and type through property panel.

In the name field, type a name in the Name text box. By default, a general name such as Subreport1 or Subreport2 is assigned. The name must be unique within the report.

To use this report as a subreport refer Link Report.

To specify parameters to pass to a subreport refer Link Parameter.

You can configure to display the custom message when no datasets in the subreport have data at run time.

You can keep the entire report content of subreport in same page without split when enable the keep together property in property panel.