Group by date

13 Feb 20191 minute to read


This feature is applicable for the relational datasource alone (in client mode).

Allows you to categorize the date type field and showcase them based on year, quarter, month, and day formats.

  • JS
  • $(function() {
                dataSource: {
                    columns: [{
                        fieldName: "Date",
                        fieldCaption: "Date",
                        format: "date",
                        formatString: "yyyy-MM-dd",
                        delimiter : "-",
                        groupByDate: { interval: ["yyyy", "qqq", "MMMM", "dd-MMM"] }

    The properties associated with the group by date option are,

    • format - To set the data type format.
    • formatString - Specifies the structure of the date format.
    • delimiter - Specifies the separator of the date values.
    • groupByDate.interval - Specifies the pattern in which date type to be displayed.

    Group by date support in JavaScript pivot grid control