Grouping bar

9 Mar 20184 minutes to read


The grouping bar allows you to dynamically alter the report by filter and remove operations in the pivot grid control. Based on the OLAP data source and report bound to the pivot grid control, the grouping bar will be automatically populated. You can enable this option in the pivot grid by setting the e-enableGroupingBar property to true.

  • HTML
  • <div class="e-control">
    	{{ej-pivotgrid id="PivotGrid" e-dataSource=model.dataSource e-enableGroupingBar=model.enableGroupingBar }}
  • JS
  • export default Ember.Route.extend({
            model() {
                return {
                    dataSource: {
                    data: "", //data
                    catalog: "Adventure Works DW 2008 SE",
                    cube: "Adventure Works",
                    rows: [
                            fieldName: "[Date].[Fiscal]"
                    columns: [
                            fieldName: "[Customer].[Customer Geography]"
                    values: [
                            measures: [
                                    fieldName: "[Measures].[Internet Sales Amount]",
                            axis: "columns"
                enableGroupingBar: true

    Drag and drop

    You can alter the report on fly through the drag and drop operation.

    Context menu

    You can also alter the report by using the context menu.

    Searching values

    The search option available in the grouping bar allows you to search a specific value that should be filtered from the list of values in the filter pop-up window.

    Filtering values

    The filtering option available in the grouping bar allows you to select a specific set of values that should be displayed in the pivot grid control. At least, one value should be present in the checked state while filtering, otherwise the OK button will be disabled.

    Removing field

    The remove option available in the grouping bar allows you to completely remove a specific field from the pivot grid control. The remove operation can be achieved by clicking the remove icon available in each field by dragging and dropping the field out of the grouping bar region.