Advanced filtering and sorting

9 Mar 20181 minute to read

It allows you to filter and sort the field members in the pivot client.

You can enable the Advanced Filtering and Sorting option in the pivot client by setting the e-enableAdvancedFilter property to true.

  • HTML
  • <div class="e-control">
    	{ej-pivotclient id="PivotClient" e-enableAdvancedFilter=model.enableAdvancedFilter }}
  • JS
  • import Ember from 'ember';
    export default Ember.Route.extend({
        return {
                    enableAdvancedFilter: true


    The sorting provides an option to sort the members of a field either in the ascending or descending order.


    This feature is not applicable for the OLAP data source bound from the server-side.

    Label filtering

    Label filtering provides an option to filter the members of a field purely based on their caption.

    Value filtering

    Value filtering provides an option to filter members based on total values of the appropriate measure between members of the level.