Stream the contents of a FlowFile to Ignite Cache using DataStreamer. The processor uses the value of FlowFile attribute (Ignite cache entry key) as the cache key and the byte array of the FlowFile as the value of the cache entry value. Both the string key and a non-empty byte array value are required otherwise the FlowFile is transferred to the failure relation. Note - The Ignite Kernel periodically outputs node performance statistics to the logs. This message can be turned off by setting the log level for logger ‘org.apache.ignite’ to WARN in the logback.xml configuration file.


Ignite, insert, update, stream, write, put, cache, key

In the list below, the names of required properties appear in bold. Any other properties (not in bold) are considered optional. The table also indicates any default values, whether a property supports the Expression Language Guide.

</table> **Relationships:**
Name Default Value Allowable Values Description
Ignite Spring Properties Xml File Ignite spring configuration file, /.xml. If the configuration file is not provided, default Ignite configuration configuration is used which binds to </td> </tr>
Ignite Cache Name The name of the ignite cache
Batch Size For Entries 250 Batch size for entries (1-500).
Ignite Cache Entry Identifier A FlowFile attribute, or attribute expression used for determining Ignite cache key for the Flow File content
Supports Expression Language: true
Data Streamer Per Node Parallel Operations Data streamer per node parallelism
Data Streamer Per Node Buffer Size 250 Data streamer per node buffer size (1-500).
Data Streamer Auto Flush Frequency in millis 10 Data streamer flush interval in millis seconds
Data Streamer Allow Override false *true *false Whether to override values already in the cache
Name Description
success All FlowFiles that are written to Ignite cache are routed to this relationship
failure All FlowFiles that cannot be written to Ignite cache are routed to this relationship
**Reads Attributes:** None specified. **Writes Attributes:**
Name Description The total number of FlowFile in the batch
ignite.cache.batch.flow.file.item.number The item number of FlowFile in the batch
ignite.cache.batch.flow.file.successful.number The successful FlowFile item number
ignite.cache.batch.flow.file.successful.count The number of successful FlowFiles
ignite.cache.batch.flow.file.failed.number The failed FlowFile item number
ignite.cache.batch.flow.file.failed.count The total number of failed FlowFiles in the batch
ignite.cache.batch.flow.file.failed.reason The failed reason attribute key
**State management:** This component does not store state. **Restricted:** This component is not restricted.