Publishes metrics to Amazon CloudWatch


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In the list below, the names of required properties appear in bold. Any other properties (not in bold) are considered optional. The table also indicates any default values, whether a property supports the (Expression Language Guide)[], and whether a property is considered “sensitive”, meaning that its value will be encrypted. Before entering a value in a sensitive property, ensure that the file has an entry for the property nifi.sensitive.props.key.

</table> **Relationships:**
Name Default Value Allowable Values Description
Namespace The namespace for the metric data for CloudWatch Supports Expression Language: true </tr>
MetricNam The name of the metric Supports Expression Language: true </tr>
Value The value for the metric. Must be a double Supports Expression Language: true
Timestamp A point in time expressed as the number of milliseconds since Jan 1, 1970 00:00:00 UTC. If not specified, the default value is set to the time the metric data was received Supports Expression Language: true
Unit The unit of the metric. (e.g Seconds, Bytes, Megabytes, Percent, Count, Kilobytes/Second, Tera bits/Second, Count/Second) For details see Supports Expression Language: true
Region us-west-2 us-gov-west-1 </br> us-east-1 </br> us-east-2 </br> us-west-1 </br> us-west-2 </br> eu-west-1 </br> eu-west-2 </br> eu-central-1 </br> ap-south-1 </br> ap-southeast-1 </br> ap-southeast-2 </br> ap-northeast-1 </br> ap-northeast-2 </br> sa-east-1 </br> cn-north-1 </br> ca-central-1 </br> No Description Provided.
Access Key No Description Provided. Sensitive Property: true Supports Expression Language: true.
Secret Key No Description Provided. Sensitive Property: true Supports Expression Language: true.
Credentials File 0 - </br> 1 - </br> 2 - </br> Path to a file containing AWS access key and secret key in properties file format. </tr>
AWS Credentials Provider service Controller Service API: AWSCredentialsProviderService Implementation: AWSCredentialsProviderControllerService Whether to start afresh or resume previous flows. See the allowable value descriptions for more details.
Communications Timeout 30 secs No Description Provided.
SSL Context Service Controller Service API: SSLContextService Implementation: StandardSSLContextService Specifies an optional SSL Context Service that, if provided, will be used to create connections
Endpoint Override URL Endpoint URL to use instead of the AWS default including scheme, host, port, and path. The AWS libraries select an endpoint URL based on the AWS region, but this property overrides the selected endpoint URL, allowing use with other S3-compatible endpoints.
Proxy Host Proxy host name or IP Supports Expression Language: true
Proxy Host Port Proxy host port Supports Expression Language: true
Name Description
success FlowFiles are routed to success relationship.
failure FlowFiles are routed to failure relationship
**Reads Attributes:** None specified. **Writes Attributes:** None specified. **State management:** This component does not store state. **Restricted:** This component is not restricted.