Fetches a row from an HBase table. The Destination property controls whether the cells are added as flow file attributes, or the row is written to the flow file content as JSON. This processor may be used to fetch a fixed row on a interval by specifying the table and row id directly in the processor, or it may be used to dynamically fetch rows by referencing the table and row id from incoming flow files.


hbase, scan, fetch, get, enrich


In the list below, the names of required properties appear in bold. Any other properties (not in bold) are considered optional. The table also indicates any default values, and whether a property supports the NiFi Expression Language.

Name Default Value Allowable Values Description
HBase Client Service Controller Service API:
Specifies the Controller Service to use for accessing HBase.
Table Name The name of the HBase Table to fetch from.</br> Supports Expression Language: true
Row Identifier The identifier of the row to fetch.</br> Supports Expression Language: true
Columns An optional comma-separated list of "colFamily:colQualifier" pairs to fetch. To return all columns for a given family, leave off the qualifier such as "colFamily1,colFamily2".</br> Supports Expression Language: true
Destination flowfile-attributes *flowfile-attributes
Indicates whether the row fetched from HBase is written to FlowFile content or FlowFile Attributes.
JSON Format full-row *full-row
Specifies how to represent the HBase row as a JSON document.
JSON Value Encoding none *none
Specifies how to represent row ids, column families, column qualifiers, and values when stored in FlowFile attributes, or written to JSON.
Encode Character Set UTF-8 The character set used to encode the JSON representation of the row.
Decode Character Set UTF-8 The character set used to decode data from HBase.


Name Description
success All successful fetches are routed to this relationship.
failure All failed fetches are routed to this relationship.
not found All fetches where the row id is not found are routed to this relationship.

Reads Attributes:

None specified.

Writes Attributes:

Name Description
hbase.table The name of the HBase table that the row was fetched from
hbase.row A JSON document representing the row. This property is only written when a Destination of flowfile-attributes is selected.
mime.type Set to application/json when using a Destination of flowfile-content, not set or modified otherwise

State management:

This component does not store state.


This component is not restricted.

Input requirement:

This component requires an incoming relationship.