Migrate Data Integration Platform from 2.3.0.x/2.4.0.x to 2.5.0.x


To upgrade the Data Integration Platform to latest version with User Management Server or without User Management Server, follow the below installation steps to install without loss of workflow data.

Workflow screenshot before upgrade:

Consider below snapshot for 2.3.0.x/2.4.0.x version with workflow defined in it.

Step 1: Backup files

To retrieve the previous version Data Integration workflow, please take backup for below mentioned files from installed location C:\Syncfusion\DataIntegration\<version>\SDK\NIFI\conf based on the installation mode.

For upgrading with Normal mode:

  • flow.xml.gz.

For upgrading with User Management Server:

  • flow.xml.gz
  • authorizations.xml
  • authorizers.xml
  • syncfusion-provider.properties
  • users.xml

Step 2: Download latest Data Integration Platform

Download latest version Data Integration Platform from Data Integration Downloads Page.

Step 3: Installation

  • Double click the downloaded EXE and click Install button.

  • If you are upgrading with User Management Server, then select “Upgrade User Management Server” option while installing.

  • It will show information dialog to get acknowledgement to remove previous installations and stop running services. Click Yes to proceed.

  • Once installation is complete, Click Finish button.

Step 4: Restore the backup files

Copy and overwrite the backup files to the new Data Integration conf directory C:\Syncfusion\DataIntegration\<version>\SDK\NIFI\conf based on the below installation mode.

For install with normal Data Integration:

For install with User Management Server:

Step 5: Restart Data Integration Service

Now restart the Data Integration Service using Service Manager.

Workflow screenshot after upgraded:

After completed all above steps, workflow will be retrieved without any loss of data.

Previous version component states are retrieved without any loss of data. Please refer the below screenshot.