How to debug workflow in Data Integration Platform?

Syncfusion Data Integration Platform provides support for debugging workflow failure in the run time.

The following steps will guide you how to debug workflow failure in Data Integration Platform.


  1. For every processor in the Data Integration Platform we have a property called bulletin level. This bulletin level is used to show the errors occurred in current processor during workflow. There are 5 types of bulletin levels in Data Integration Platform they are DEBUG, WARN, INFO, ERROR, and NONE.

    DEBUG: Shows all info, warnings, and error logs occurred in processor in the bulletin board.
    INFO: Only displays information about the status of the processor in bulletin board during workflow execution.
    WARN: Only displays warnings in bulletin board about processor execution.
    ERROR: Displays the actual root cause for failure occurred in workflow by the processor.

  2. Consider a sample use case for uploading a file to FTP server. To implement this use case, we need GetFile and PutFTP processor. The GetFile processor will retrieve the input file content and send this file content to PutFTP processor in terms of flowfile to upload this file in FTP server.

  3. Now set the bulletin level for PutFTP processor as DEBUG. So that if any error occurs in workflow the bulletin board will display all info, warnings, and error logs.

  4. In the following screenshot, a red color bulletin icon appears in PutFTP processor. This resembles that error occurs in PutFTP processor.

  5. To debug this error, click the Bulletin Board in header of the Data Integration Platform. The Bulletin Board dialog will open.

  6. In this Bulletin Board dialog, you can see the details of failure which occurs in that processor. By setting the bulletin level for PutFTP processor as DEBUG all the info, warnings, and error logs will be shown.


     We recommend that the bulletin level DEBUG is used for development purpose. Because all info, errors and warnings are logged in bulletin board which helps the developers to debug the errors.

  7. So, by using this bulletin board user can able to find out the errors occurred in workflow processors and can able to fix it.