Variable Registry at Processor Group Level

Variable Registry is a option to add up registry variables for Data Integration Platform and use it in any processor.

Variable Registry can be defining in following ways,

  • Creating Variable Registry within Data Integration UI
  • Creating Variable Registry via configuration file (Requires service restart)

Creating Variable Registry within Data Integration UI

Variable Registry is a new feature added in Data Integration Platform v2.4.0.x. It provides option to add variables and values at Process Group level and allow to access it within that process group using Expression Language. It doesn’t require service restart.

Step 1: Variables from Context Menu

Right click any process group in Data Integration UI and select the Variables from the context menu

Step 2: Add new variable

  • In Variables dialog, click “+” symbol and enter the variable name and variable value

  • Click on apply and close the dialog.

Creating Variable Registry via configuration file

  • Another option is to define Variable Registry in configuration file and it allow you to use it throughout the application instead of restricting to particular process group.

  • In configuration file, you can define single/multiple registry file delimited by comma.

  • If the registry variable is created via configuration file, then you must restart the Data Integration service to reflect the registry variable changes. For more details to create the registry variables via configuration file, refer Configure Registry Variables.

How to use Variable Registry in the processor

Variables can be used in any processor field that supports Expression Language within the process group.