Implementation of WebSocketServerService. This service uses Jetty WebSocket server module to provide WebSocket session management throughout the application.


WebSocket, Jetty, server


In the list below, the names of required properties appear in bold. Any other properties (not in bold) are considered optional. The table also indicates any default values, and whether a property supports the NiFi Expression Language.


Default Value

Allowable Values


Input Buffer Size

4 kb The size of the input (read from network layer) buffer size.

Max Text Message Size

64 kb The maximum size of a text message during parsing/generating.

Max Binary Message Size

64 kb The maximum size of a binary message during parsing/generating.

Listen Port

The port number on which this WebSocketServer listens to.

Supports Expression Language: true

SSL Context Service

Controller Service API: 




The SSL Context Service to use in order to secure the server. If specified, the server will accept only WSS requests; otherwise, the server will accept only WS requests

Client Authentication

  • No Authentication
  • Want Authentication
  • Need Authentication
Specifies whether or not the Processor should authenticate clients. This value is ignored if the <SSL Context Service> Property is not specified or the SSL Context provided uses only a KeyStore and not a TrustStore.