Release Notes v2.2.0.31

May 24, 2017

Dashboard Designer


  • #146733, #151193, #158604 ,#156497,#163935,#165190,#167710,#169639,#158286 – Support has been added for creating and viewing multi-tabbed dashboards.
  • #155878, #155829, #157164, #155340, #152926- Support has been added for customizing date formats.
  • #178836 - Provided an option to configure filter elements in a dedicated filter panel.
  • #148485, #147365, #147818, #149421, #152898, #148271, #157811, #156008,#158286,#158538,#159163 ,#159933,#160945 – Support for including custom widgets in the dashboard has been added.
  • #163935, #168697, #168781, #174288, #148485, #147365, #147818, #149421, #152898, #148271, #157811, #156008, #158286, #158538, #159163, #159933, #160945 - Custom widgets can be integrated with Dashboard Designer.
  • #159787 – Frozen Headers support has been provided in Pivot Grid widget.
  • #171379 - Paging support has been provided in Grid widget.
  • #167702, #164610, #166063, #177573 - Schema retention is possible now when switching between cross data connections.
  • #175686 - Provided connection with *.xer extension type files holding tab separated values.
  • #170690, #166825 - Implementation to fetch all tables and views from all schema under PostgreSQL.
  • #154231 - Implemented the ability to filter NULL values in all data types.
  • Oracle ODBC connection now allows you to connect to Oracle 12c database.
  • Improved the Label Parameter(s) performance while loading and interaction in Dashboard Viewer.

Bug Fixes

  • #173498, #173349, #177817 - Linking is working fine when bind the URL for a Card or Gauge widget in Dashboard.
  • #129380 - We can export the ListBox Widget into PDF/Image with unchecked items in Dashboard Viewer.
  • #129791 - Label parameter will show ‘*’ instead ‘All’ if any filter is applied in Dashboard Viewer.
  • #169578 - Issues with card widget, which has negative value and export to PDF with cropped text, different cultured value and appending unnecessary text for en-Au culture has been fixed in Dashboard Viewer
  • #177600 - Data in Grid is now consistent on scrolling with filter parameters applied in Dashboard Viewer.
  • #178494 - Chart custom color palette settings are properly retained now while opening the saved report.
  • #177778 - Provided informative exceptional messages to the user while log in fails when connecting to the dashboard server.
  • #176941 - User based filters are properly working now for Microsoft Analysis Services connection type.
  • #174164 - URL linking works as expected now when the URL contains date column as parameter.
  • #174811 – Delete widget option works as expected now for the controls dashboard tree map and combo box.
  • #174230 – Table canvas operations works as expected now for stored procedures.
  • #174141 – Information icon is properly displayed now for mark as public option.
  • #174200 – Drag and drop operation works as expected now while dragging widget from the widget container.
  • #172398 – Table drag and drop operation works as expected now in the data source designer after changing the column type.
  • #176754, #175218 – Series color palette undefined error and data retrieval exception throws in chart widget issue fixed in dashboard viewer.
  • #174748, #178622 - Gauge indicator and text color, displayed as expected now in dashboard designer and dashboard viewer.
  • #174738 – Labels are shown as expected now, during label intersect action as hide and label rotation as 90 degrees, in chart widget.
  • #174631 - URL linking is working now while add more hidden columns than columns in Grid widget in dashboard viewer.
  • #173349 - Card act as series works as expected in dashboard designer.
  • #173349 - Drill level for chart widget is working fine now in dashboard viewer.
  • #173338 – Redundant values are avoided now in category axis for chart widget issue fixed in dashboard viewer.
  • #173260 - Actual and Target values are displayed as expected in Gauge widget.
  • #172334 - Legend is displayed as expected in chart widget.
  • #172206 - Filter is maintained now in server preview after auto refresh in combo box in dashboard viewer.
  • #149319 - Grid formatting is now working properly.
  • #170753 - Data will be retrieved properly in preview side for SSAS data connection in dashboard viewer.
  • #170947, #171379 - While maximizing grid, allow filtering text is now maintained properly in dashboard viewer.
  • #170384 - Allow Filtering is now working in Grid widget in iOS devices.
  • #177359 - Data is retrieved properly while using query parameters in code view.
  • #177453 - Edit connection is working while connecting server to other server connection types.
  • #175036 - Reconnect option is possible now in Web data source.
  • #174198 - Binding data to widget is appropriate now.
  • #174739 - Sorting works based on dimension field in Dashboard Viewer for SSAS connection type.
  • #174299 - Tree view performance improved while editing data source in dashboard designer.
  • #174303, #175206, #175153, #175448, #175906 - Preview option works appropriately while viewing the dashboard report in dashboard designer.
  • #174271 - Saved report from query view gets re-opened precisely for SQL connection type.
  • #171061 - Sorting order gets applied when applying Top N filter for constant value.
  • #174210 - Dashboard works while duplicating the data source in SQL connection and choosing connection option as Stored Procedure.
  • #174138 - On converting int to string, value gets displayed as “1.0”.
  • #173820 - Converting numeric data type to text can be done through designer.
  • #173161 - Column created based on expression is in proper format.
  • #172109 - Edited changes in *.sydx file get updated on re-opening the dashboard.
  • #162934 - DateTime offset handled appropriately in Preview and Publication.
  • Reconnect option works as expected now in data source designer.
  • Fields configured in the widget is properly reset after deleting the excel data source.
  • Undo/Redo operations works as expected for table in data source designer.
  • Refresh option now works as expected in data source designer.
  • Sorting is properly working now after removing search text from user group list in user based filter window.
  • Measure folder structure works as expected while refreshing the connection for the SSAS connections.
  • Dashboard publish now works as expected for CSV data sources without any errors.
  • Expression editor now works as expected for the localized dashboard designer.
  • Intellisense in expression editor now works as expected when the created expression contains equal symbol.
  • Now, Label widget can have more than one label parameter in the dashboard.

Breaking changes

  • Icon and font style improvements done in Dashboard Viewer.

Dashboard Platform SDK

This platform contains a HTML5 Dashboard Viewer control and samples for embedding dashboards using JavaScript frameworks like Aurelia, AngularJS, Angular 2, Ionic and TypeScript in Web applications and in platforms like ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, PHP, JSP, UWP, Windows Forms, and WPF.


  • #179101- Added ASP.NET Core compatibility for Syncfusion.Dashboard.Encryption library

Bug Fixes

  • #173063 - No more issue with version conflict while use Dashboard MVC Wrapper with EJ assemblies.
  • #174748 - Export PDF or Image working fine after changing the culture settings through Platform SDK.
  • #174879, #127492, #177371,#178027 - No more error when change the connection settings thorough SDK Platform for Web Data Source(s).
  • #174230, #176337, #176357 - Issue with loading resources in ASP.NET or ASP.NET MVC wrapper of Dashboard Viewer has been fixed.
  • #176656 - Dashboard Service works when enable only the SSL without HTTP port binding.

Breaking changes

  • Icon and Font style improvements done in Dashboard Viewer

Dashboard Server

This section describes the release notes for the Syncfusion Dashboard Sever version It includes the newly added features, bug fixes done and how to upgrade the older version to the new version.


Refer to the following list of upgrades done in this version:

  • #163935 Data Notifications: Receive email notifications when specific values reach a defined threshold, such as when the total sales are greater than $10,000.
  • #156952, #159163 Home Pages: Create personalized home pages by pinning widgets from across multiple dashboards. This greatly simplifies keeping track of important metrics from different dashboards.
  • Deploy Dashboard Server on Microsoft Azure: Easily scale your dashboard server application on demand by deploying as an Azure App Service or Azure Virtual Machine..
  • Mobile Application: View and interact with dashboards hosted on the dashboard server from mobile devices using the available Android and iOS mobile applications.
  • Ability to render multiple dashboards into a single view dashboard that can be navigated via tabs.
  • #168041, #167711 Added support to synchronize the users from an external database.
  • Added ON/OFF switch for the system administrator to restrict the option to mark dashboards and widgets as public.
  • Improved usability by displaying filter overview when applying filters in a dashboard.
  • Schedules can be created from the CREATE menu instead of from a dashboard’s context menu.
  • UI experience has been improved in the login page.

Bug Fixes

Refer to the following list of bugs fixed in this version:

  • #171897 – Fixed an issue when embedding dashboards into another application.
  • #173357 – Fixed an issue with dashboards listed under a category when the dashboard name is in Japanese.
  • #176169 – Removed email ID from the mandatory field to make the application suitable for evaluation.
  • #175419, #176817, #176813 – Fixed an issue when users click on a dashboard, the waiting pop-up continues to be shown.


Refer to the following steps to upgrade the Syncfusion Dashboard Server from an older version to this version:

  • Download the latest Syncfusion Dashboard Server from here.
  • Follow the installation steps from here.

Dashboard Server updates the database schema of your current version to the new version.


For SQL, MySQL and Oracle databases, make sure you have a valid network connection to the database while upgrading to the new version.