How to host Dashboard Service as WebSite in IIS

Syncfusion Dashboard Service can be hosted as a Website in IIS manually by following the below steps or by using the tool SyncfusionDashboardServiceInstaller



  • Open IIS Manager

  • In the Connections pane, right-click the Sites node in the tree, and then click Add website as shown below.

Host Dashboard Server as application in IIS - Add Application

In the Add Web Site dialog box, fill the following details as follows

1.Site name

Type a name for your Web site in the Web site name box. for eg SyncfusionDashboardService

2.Physical path

In the Physical path box, type in the location of the Syncfusion Dashboard Service in the machine, or click the browse button to navigate the file system to find the location.for eg

%localappdata%\Syncfusion\Dashboard Platform SDK\Service


Specify the port at which the SyncfusionDashboardService need to be hosted at.for eg 3005

Host Dashboard Server as application in IIS - Add Application

  • In the Connections pane, expand the server node and click Application Pools.

Server Node

  • Specify the name of the application pool in the attached image.

Application Pool

Application Pool

  • set the Identity property as LocalSystem under the ProcessModel of Advanced Settings dialog box and then click OK.

Identity Property

  • Expand the Sites node in the Connections pane, select the Website name SyncfusionDashboardService then click Browse Link under the Browse Website section of Action pane as below screenshot

SyncfusionDashboardService Website

  • The hosted service will be launched into the default browser as below

Hosted Dashboard Service


Please find the troubleshooting tips here if the “HTTP ERROR 404.17-Not Found” error occurs on hosting the Dashboard Service.


To enable SSL for the Dashboard Service application, you will need a valid SSL certificate. Please check the below link on how to Obtain an SSL certificate and install it to a website in IIS.

Configuring SSL for Syncfusion Dashboard Service

To make the Dashboard Service run under SSL you need to enable support for SSL in the Dashboard Service using the Syncfusion Dashboard Service Configuration Manager utility. Please follow the steps in the below link to configure SSL for Dashboard Service.

Configuring SSL for Dashboard Service