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Syncfusion.SfNumericTextBox.XForms Namespace

ClassRepresents the arguments for SfNumericTextBox.FocusChanged event.
Class Represents a control that allows users enter only numeric values. It can be configured to display different formats such as currency format, scientific format, etc.
ClassHolds the theme style for the SfNumericTextBox.
ClassThe ValueEventArgs class represents the properties of the ValueChanged event in numeric text box. SfNumericTextBox.ValueChanged event.
DelegateHandles the FocusChanged event of the SfNumericTextBox control.
DelegateHandles the ValueChanged event of the SfNumericTextBox control.
Enumeration Contains the values for the Parser enumeration that determines the validation mode as decimal or double.
Enumeration Contains the values for the PercentDisplayMode enumeration allow to display the value with percentage computation.
Enumeration It contains the values for the ValueChangeMode enumeration that determines the nature of validation.
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