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Syncfusion.XForms.Accordion Namespace

ClassA SfAccordion class that provides a way to host a customizable header and content part as compound view. The content part gets expanded upon tapping the header part of the AccordionItem.
ClassProvides data for the SfAccordion.Expanded and SfAccordion.Collapsed event as event args.
ClassProvides data for the SfAccordion.Expanding and SfAccordion.Collapsing event as event args.
ClassA SfAccordion class provides a way to display the information in a vertically stacked list of items. This is a collection of collapsed and expanded AccordionItem.
Class Dictionary for theming the accordion control.
EnumerationDefines constants that describes to specify the scroll position of the expanded AccordionItem.
EnumerationDefines constants that describes the possible expand modes for an AccordionItem.
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