UseOnDemandPaging Property (SfDataPager)

Gets or sets a value indicating whether to enable/disable OnDemandPaging. SfDataPager enables the user to generate the items for the current page dynamically by using this property. When on demand paging is enabled, the generation of items is handled by the OnDemandLoading event, hence it is necessary to hook the OnDemandLoading. The user cannot assign a value to the Source when using on demand paging, since the items for the current page is generated only when navigated to that page.
public bool UseOnDemandPaging {get; set;}

Property Value

True if on demand paging is enabled, otherwise false. The default value is false.
In normal Paging, data collection is entirely loaded initially to the SfDataPager. However, Syncfusion.SfDataGrid.SfDataGrid also allows the user to load the data for the current page dynamically by setting the setting this property to true. To load current page item dynamically you must hook the OnDemandLoading event. In the OnDemandLoading event, use the LoadDynamicItems method to load the data for the corresponding page in SfDataPager.
sfPager.UseOnDemandPaging = true;
sfPager.OnDemandLoading += sfPager_OnDemandLoading;
private void OnDemandPageLoading(object sender, OnDemandLoadingEventArgs args)
sfDataPager.LoadDynamicItems(args.StartIndex, source.Skip(args.StartIndex).Take(args.PageSize));

Syncfusion.SfDataGrid.Android: 17.1451.0.47

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