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INames Interface

A collection of all the Name objects in the application or workbook. Each Name object represents a defined name for a range of cells.
Object Model
INames InterfaceIName Interface
Public Interface INames 
Dim instance As INames
public interface INames 
Below these rules are should be followed, when you're creating a named range in Excel. 1. The first character of a name must be one of the following characters: letter, underscore (_), backslash (\). 2. Remaining characters in the name can be letters, numbers, periods, underscore characters. 3. The following are not allowed: Space characters are not allowed as part of a name. Names can't look like cell addresses, such as A$35 or R2D2. C, c, R, r - can't be used as names. Excel uses them as selection shortcuts. 4. Names are not case sensitive. For example, North and NORTH are treated as the same name. To know more about Named Ranges refer this link.

Syncfusion.XlsIO.Base: 18.2460.0.44

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