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Syncfusion.UI.Xaml.Spreadsheet.GraphicCells Namespace

Contains classes which required to load the GraphicCells(Pictures, Charts and TextBoxes) into the Spreadsheet.
ClassConverter class which is used to convert System.Boolean to System.Windows.Visibility.
Class Custom renderer for CheckBox form control.
ClassRepresents a class that is used to maintain/reuse the GraphicCellControl.
Class Event Handler to Handle the GraphicCellContextMenuOpening Event which can be marked as Handled.
ClassContentControl which is used to load the content of GraphicCellControl
Class Helper class for GraphicCells related stuffs.
ClassDefines the default implementation of IGraphicCellRenderer. You can create the custom GraphicCell renderer with this as a base class.
Class Collection of IGrapihcCellRenderer
ClassThis class implements a cache of UIElement of the given type parameter T. It is used by the GraphicCellRendererBase<T> renderer to recycle UIElement elements for cells that were scrolled out of view and delay unloading of UIElements. This reduces the number of times the UIElement needs to be created or unloaded and instead only the contents of the UIElement will be reinitialized with cell contents.

ClassRepresents a class which is used to perform clipboard operations on ShapeImplSyncfusion.XlsIO.IShape (TextBox, Picture, Charts, etc.).
ClassCustom GraphicCellRenderer for System.Windows.Controls.Image celltype.
Class Holds that all information about Graphic Cells and offers many events to notify the actions or to modify the behavior of the Graphic cells.
Class Represents a class that maintains the information about the GraphicObject (Shape, Value and Name).
ClassCustom GraphicCellRenderer for System.Windows.Controls.RichTextBox celltype.
ClassProvides data for the GraphicSelectionChanged event.
ClassProvides data for the GraphicSelectionChanging event
Class Represents a control which is used to show the selection on GraphicCellControl
Class Represents a class which is used to control/handle the selection of the GraphicCells
ClassHelper Control which is used to resize the GraphicCellControl
Interface An interface for a graphic cell renderer.
Delegate Event handler to denote the opening of GraphicCell context menu
Delegate Event handler to denotes the selection changed of GraphicCell
Delegate Event handler to denotes the selection changing of GraphicCell
EnumerationDetermines the regions of GraphicCell. (i.e., Where the GraphicCell is placed (Frozen row area, Frozen column area and scrollable area). Load the duplicate controls based on the GraphicRegion.
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