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GridUnBoundRowCellRenderer<D,E> Class

GridVirtualizingUnBoundRowCellRenderer is an abstract base class for UnBoundRow cell renderers that need live UIElement visuals displayed in a cell. You can derive from this class and provide the type of the UIElement you want to show inside cells as type parameter. The class provides strong typed virtual methods for initializing content of the cell and arranging the cell visuals. See GridVirtualizingCellRendererBase{T} for more details.

The idea behind this class is to provide a place where we can add general code that should be shared for all cell renderers in the tree derived from GridVirtualizingCellRendererBase. While this class does at the moment not add meaningful functionality to GridVirtualizingCellRendererBase we created this extra layer of inheritance to make it easy to share code for the GridVirtualizingCellRendererBase base class between grid and common assemblies and keep grid control specific code out of the base class. It is currently not possible with C# to the base class as template type parameter.

Object Model
GridUnBoundRowCellRenderer<D,E> ClassRowColumnIndex StructureSfDataGrid Class
Public MustInherit Class GridUnBoundRowCellRenderer
    (Of D As {New, FrameworkElement},
     E As {New, FrameworkElement}) 
   Inherits GridVirtualizingCellRenderer(Of D,E)
   Implements IGridCellRenderer 
Dim instance As GridUnBoundRowCellRenderer(Of D,E)
public abstract class GridUnBoundRowCellRenderer<D,E> : GridVirtualizingCellRenderer<D,E>, IGridCellRenderer  
where D: new(), FrameworkElement
where E: new(), FrameworkElement
Type Parameters
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Syncfusion.SfGrid.WPF: 17.4460.0.39

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