Syncfusion.UI.Xaml.Diagram Namespace : GraphConstraints Enumeration

GraphConstraints Enumeration

Specifies to enable/disable certain behaviors for SfDiagram.
Public Enum GraphConstraints 
   Inherits System.Enum
Dim instance As GraphConstraints
public enum GraphConstraints : System.Enum 
AllowPan Enable or disables panning for SfDiagram
AutomaticPortCreation Enables or disables automatic port creation for SfDiagram.
AutoScroll Enables or disables auto scroll behavior.
Bridging Enables or disables line bridging.
Commands Enables or disables Commands behavior.
Connectable Enables or disables connection behavior.
ContextMenu Enables or disables ContextMenu behavior.
Default Enables all the behaviors of the control.
Draggable Enables or disables the drag of element from one diagram to the other.
DrawingTool Enables or disables drawing tool behavior.
Drop Enables/Disables the drop of element from one diagram to the other.
Events Enables or disables all events of the control.
FloatElements Enables or disables drag the objects between multiple Diagrams.
NoneDisable all SfDiagram constraints
PageEditing Enables or disables page editing behavior.
PannableEnables or disables the panning of SfDiagram over both X and Y axis.
PannableXEnables or disables the panning of SfDiagram over X-axis.
PannableYEnables or disables the panning of SfDiagram over Y -axis.
PanRailsEnables or Disables panning actions on the x-axis (horizontal panning) and y-axis (vertical panning) in SfDiagram.
PanRailsXEnables or disables ran rails of SfDiagram in X-axis
PanRailsYEnables or disables ran rails of SfDiagram in Y -axis
Relationship Enables or disables properties based on Node and Connector relationships on dragging at run time.
Resizable Enables or disables Resize behavior.
Rotatable Enables or disables Rotate behavior.
Routing Enables or disables line Routing.
Selectable Enables or disable the selecting of diagram and its child elements.
UndoableEnables or disables undo or redo of SfDiagram.
VirtualizeEnables or disables the virtualizing behavior of SfDiagram.
ZoomableEnables or disables the zoomming of SfDiagram.
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Syncfusion.SfDiagram.WPF: 17.4460.0.39

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