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Syncfusion.UI.Xaml.CellGrid Namespace

Contains classes to create SfCellGrid and also to perform common user actions such as selection, editing, formatting, etc.
Class Provides data for the AutoScrollerValueChangedEventHandler event.
ClassHave border elements Pen and information (StartIndex, EndIndex, Length)
Class Used for CalcEngineHelper
ClassContains BorderElement list for particular row index or column index
Class This a base class for spanned ranges such as covered cells and cell spanned backgrounds. It contains Top, Left, Bottom and Right row and column index for the spanned range.
Class This a base class for spanned ranges such as covered cells and cell spanned backgrounds. It contains Top, Left, Bottom and Right row and column index for the spanned range.
ClassA collection with elements derived from type CellSpanInfoBase. Internally this collection maintains both a List of CellSpanInfoBase and a so called pool. The pool allows immediate lookup of cell spans given a cells row and column index. The list allows looping through cell spans in the order they were added. CellSpanInfoCollection assumes that there is no overlap between cell spans. For any given cell there only at most one cell span must exist. CellSpanInfoCollection is a base class for the grids GridCoveredCellInfoCollection.
Class Provides the base implementation for column resizing operations in SfCellGrid.
Class Represents a class which holds the range and options for a covered cell. A covered cell is a cell that spans over neighbouring cells. All cells in this range are treated as one single cell.
Class Represents the Class which holds all the information and maintains the operations related with Covered cells.
ClassCalcEngine encapsulates the code required to parse and compute formulas. Hashtable properties maintain a Formula Library of functions as well as a list of dependent cells.

You can add and remove library functions.

Class Represents a class which handles the automatic scrolling of content when the user drags the pressed mouse to an edge of the control.
Class Holds the information about each and every cell which are in view. It will updates the properties of cell element (GridCell) based on the styleInfo. This will triggered from GridRow when updating the cells.
Class Represents a class which holds the operations related with Comment popup and Tooltip popup in SfCellGrid.
Class To add the gridcondition in conditionalformat
Class create conditional format for each condition and added it to GridConditionalFormats collection
Class conditionalformats is a collection to hold the multiple conditionalformat
Class All the Clipboard operations such as cut,copy,paste operations within the grid or cut,copy,paste the clipboard text from different source such as Excel,Notepad done here.
Class Represents a class which maintains the information about the current cell of SfCellGrid.
Class A class that holds all the data related information of the Grid
Class Class which represents the mouse pointer operations.
Class Defines a range of cells in the grid. Possible range types are: Row(s), Column(s), Cell(s), Table or Empty. GridRangeInfo is immutable.
ClassA collection of GridRangeInfo objects.
Class Holds information about a row. Each GridRow contains a VirtualizingRowPanel which is added as children into the VisualContainer. Create or reuse the GridColumn(Which contains the cellElement(GridCell) and its information) based on visible cells in this row. Those cells will updated when measure or layout is affected.
Class Encapsulates the properties that are needed to support multiple families of crossed-referenced grids. This class is for internal use only.
Class RangeInfo represents a rectangle array of cells that may contain formulas, strings, or numbers that may be referenced by other formulas.
Class Represents a Helper class which maintains the row and column resizing popup operations during Key Navigation.
Class Provides the base implementation for row resizing operations in SfCellGrid.
Class This is a panel which is used as a child panel of VisualContainer.
Class This is a ScrollablePanel which inherits the IScrollableInfo. It handles all the scrolling related actions.
Class Represents a control which is used for selection in SfCellGrid.
Class Represents a class which implements the selection behavior of CellGrid.
Class Helper class which is used to get the mouse pointer position, visible row/column index and handles the key operations.
ClassRepresents the SfCellGrid control in which data will be displayed in the form of rows and columns.
Class A class containing data for the ICalcData.ValueChanged event.
Class This is a scrollable visual container which contains the all panels(CellsPanel, BordersPanel, SelectionPanel) of Grid as Children. Handles the arrange and measure logic of all elements.
Interface ICalcData defines the minimal interface that a data object must support in order to use this formula engine.
Interface An interface to control the selection functionalities of the grid.
InterfaceUsed in conjunction with Syncfusion.Calculate.CalcEngine.RowMaxCount.
Delegate Delegate used to define functions that you add to the function library.
Delegate Represents a method that will handle the AutoScroller Valuechanged Event.
Delegate Event delegate for the GridFormulaParsing event
DelegateRepresents the method that handles a GridModel.QueryCoveredRange event which can be marked as handled.
DelegateAn event handler that represents the method to handle the Syncfusion.Calculate.CalcSheet.ValueChanged event.
Enumeration Specifies the type of conditional format
Enumeration Specifies the type of conditon to be used in conditional formatting.
Enumeration Specifies behavior for displaying formula text.
Enumeration specify the timeperiod type when using DatesOccuring conditional format type
Enumeration Specifies options for caching look up tables in HLookUp and VLookUp functions.
Enumeration Defines the Mouse pointer operations while selection in SfCellGrid.
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