Syncfusion.Data Namespace : FilterType Enumeration

FilterType Enumeration

Specifies the filter type to be used in LINQ methods.
Public Enum FilterType 
   Inherits System.Enum
Dim instance As FilterType
public enum FilterType : System.Enum 
Between Checks for Between two date on the operands.
ContainsChecks for Contains on the string operands.
EndsWithChecks for EndsWith on the string operands.
EqualsChecks Equals on the operands.
GreaterThanChecks for GreaterThan on the operands.
GreaterThanOrEqualChecks for GreaterThan or Equal on the operands.
LessThanPerforms LessThan operation.
LessThanOrEqualPerforms LessThan or Equal operation.
NotContainsChecks for NotContains on the string operands.
NotEndsWith Checks the string operand which does not end with the given filter criteria.
NotEqualsChecks for NotEquals on the operands.
NotStartsWith Checks the string operand which does not start with the given filter criteria.
StartsWithChecks for StartsWith on the string operands.
Undefined Returns invalid type.
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